Interview with Prof. Justin Cappos Creating a better ecosystem

Hello everyone. Hope you guys are safe reading this blog. A few weeks ago, we got a chance to speak with Prof. Justin Cappos who has been helping us as an advisor from the very beginning and will tell us about his experience at BlockDeliver. He is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department at New York University. He was named to Popular Science’s Brilliant 10 list and his projects have made a mark everywhere. His research philosophy focuses on improving real-worl

What is working at BlockDeliver like? Vedika and Ajay will tell you about it

Phew, 2020 felt like three months, didn’t it? At BlockDeliver, we enjoy working with others so much and never pay attention to how fast time flies. Frankly, it has always been hard to say goodbye to your colleagues. It goes without saying that the efforts made by Ajay and Vedika have been enormous to us. Besides, they did not only build a strong professional connection, but also intimate friendships with others. Today, Ajay and Vedika will share with you some insights into how is it like workin

How does decentralisation work in BlockDeliver?

A decentralized ecosystem has many benefits when compared to a centralized ecosystem and BlockDeliver provides you with just the right kind of platform for the same. We have elaborated on the perks of a decentralized ecosystem relevant to website owners below. A centralized ecosystem always has a space to store all your data, which puts you at high risk, while a decentralized ecosystem doesn’t retain your data, but encrypts it and places it at cache nodes in the system and BlockDeliver is henc

BlockDeliver- The new CDN ecosystem

BlockDeliver is a safe and authentic ecosystem of Content Delivery Networks(CDNs), where we use the state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols powered by latest blockchain technology, which not only provides us with security solutions but also benefits the stakeholders in our marketplace. The ecosystem at BlockDeliver is completely decentralized, hence highly transparent. All the stakeholders in our marketplace can freely take part in the operations, anytime. We save our users the extra- hassle

BlockDeliver: Join us and earn through our global ecosystem

Did you ever get stuck while browsing the internet and cursed your Internet Service Provider(ISP) out of rage? If you did, you are not alone! But there’s a little twist in reality. Oftentimes the ISPs are not responsible for your slow internet speed, but the Content Delivery Networks(CDNs) are. Now you might wonder about ways to boost your internet speed. But wait, there’s a simple solution: BlockDeliver. We let you sit back and relax while we take your hassles in and come up with optimal solut

Blockchain for Noobs

As we already know, every block in a blockchain holds information. In addition to this information, every block also has a unique hash. This hash is derived using cryptography and depends on the hash of the previous block, as well as the information in the current block. Hence, if we want to modify the information in the current block, the hash changes, and we need to modify the entire chain. Hence, it’s not possible to modify any data because of malicious reasons. Since thousands of computers a

Content Delivery Networks

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a highly distributed platform of servers, which helps reduce the load on web page content by reducing the physical distance between the original server and the user. With 4.59 billion active internet users, which consist of 59 percent of the global population, everyone wants access to high-speed internet. CDNs help users all over the world access the same high-quality content without any interruption. Without a CDN, content origin servers must respond to ev

The Battle of Turban Of An Indian Man In The United Kingdom

This tale starts in the quaint little town of Phagwara,Punjab Province,India. A feisty little boy wearing a vermilion pagri(turban) can be seen running after the cycle of the village postman whizzing dirt and dust. One fine morning, he goes to school and the new teacher asks him about his ambition in life and he cheerfully says that he wants to be a postman. This was the beginning of an enchanting journey of a little boy into a leader of a famous revolution in the United Kingdom during the 60s-7

29 Places In India You Need To Visit Before You Die

Anpu has always wanted to travel to India and when he asked me about the best places to visit, I just had to make a blog post about it. This post will act as a travel guide not only for Anpu, but for all of you who also want to venture into the vast lands of India. The exotic aroma of spices from Kerala to the roof of the world- the Himalayas, India is wrapped up with wonderful surprises and unexplored havens of nature. So, here are my top 29 picks for the best places to visit in India: Please

A Novice In Town

Hola everyone! I’m Pritika, the new intern in the town. Jokes apart, I’m working for Anpu as an intern. I will be writing blog posts for him in his blog hereafter. People say that I cannot be described in words but still I am trying my best to summarise myself in a few words. We all are acquainted with Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. They are often categorized as weird, eccentric, quirky, whimsical and what not. I’m also a weirdo, basically a creative wei

Why is My Indian Accent Funny to You?

Hey guys, my name is Pritika and I was born and brought up in India. Yes, I have an Indian accent but it is not the stereotypical and comedic one you hear in the western media. Often, the plethora of cultures present in India goes on unnoticed. Their accent is also made fun of quite often. Let us not spread hate, guys! Raj Kootharapalli, an Indian character from the Big Bang Theory and his culture has been portrayed in a very light hearted way throughout the series. Kunal Nayyar is the actor